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My PictureMohamed SahelD&S Founder

Hey community, I am Mohamed Sahel, Dev and Tech addicted, I've started my web development journey about 3 years ago. and I really enjoy every single second spent as a developer (Yeah, I know, sometimes coding can push you to hate your life 😅).

But guess what, I am also very passional about style and fashion, So why not combine both of them? This is how Dev & Style has born, It's an apparel brand for developers like me, who are very passional about what they are doing and are super excited to show off their passion to the world through fashion and lifestyle.

I've always dreamed about starting my own brand. To be honest, It's not the easiest thing to do. But I see that there is shortage of fashion brands that target developers and understand how they think and what they want. Filling this gap was a big reason that motivated me to moving forward.

Dev & Style is still in It's first steps, we really appreciate any support or feedback. Please feel free to follow us on our social accounts, to not miss any of our exclusive offers and discounts.

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